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Agnus Dei Learning School - Luksuhin
Biblica La Delle Academy, Inc. - Marahan 2
Blessed Ville Special School Foundation, Inc. - Luksuhin, Ilaya
Gracious Gift School of Cavite, Inc. - Luksuhin Ilaya
Maranatha Living Hope Academy "Annex" Inc. - #04 Mojica Cor. Burgos St., Brgy. I
Nazareth Institute of Alfonso - Pajo
Sacred Heart School of Cavite - Mabini St., Brgy. II
Saint Joseph Parochial School of Cavite - Caytitinga I
Victorious Christian Montessori College - Caytitinga I

Amadeo Western Cavite Institute deLemar - B, Villanueva St.Brgy. 8, Brgy. 8
Brightways Academy (Amadeo Campus) - Banaybanay
COC Children Learning Center - Talon
Dom Geraldo Children's Center, Inc. - Salagan
Dorcas Kindergarten School - 1 Dela Pena St., Brgy. 8
Father Luigi Caburlotto Academy - 046 Fr. Luigi Caburlotto, Buho
Saint Mary Magdalene Parochial School - A. Mabini St., Brgy. 3
Sunstar Academy - 30 B Villanueva St., Bey 2

Academy for Christian Education - Blk. 4 Lot 25 Queens Main Blvd., Queens Row Central
Amazing Grace Academy - Mulawin St., Meado Wood
Asiana Grandioso Montessori - Evangelista, Alima
Bacoor Parish School of St. Michael the Archangel,Inc. - 091 Gawaran, Digmaan
Bacoor Parochial School of St. Michael the Archangel, Inc. - 091 Gawaran St., Digman
Bacoor Unida Evangelical School, Inc. - 107 Evangelists St., Banalo
Benedictine School of Cavite - Blk. 2 Lot 1, Springville Gardens
Berrien Springs Academy, Inc. - 19 Fushia, North Spring Ville I
Bristol Paul Academy, Inc. - Blk 14 Lot 43 Ilang-Ilang, Gardenia Valley, Molino III
Brookstore Academy of the South, Inc. - Blk. 28 Lot 13, Green Valley Subd.
Bruin Educational Center - Heritage Bldg., Niog I
Carl Kevin Little Angels - 9099 Jade St., Brgy. Banalo
Cavite Christian School - #38, Aniban Y
Cavite Santo Niño School (Bacoor) - #7 & 9 Agoho St., Camella Spring Ville, Molino
Cavite School of Life - EVY Compound PF Espiritu St., Panapaan III
Cavite School of Saint Mark - Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way
Cavite Southern Emerald Academy - Blk 2 Lot 2 Perpetual Help Village 8, Habay
Cherry's Infant Learning Center, Inc. - B10 L15 Sampaguita St. Cherry Homes, Ph2, Mambog
Child Development And Guidance Center - Km. 19, Dulong Bayan
Child's Quest Center,Inc. - B8 L15 Cactus St., Sorrento, Panapaan
Children's School of Tomorrow - #6 Uranus Cor. Pluto IID, Camella Homes
Christ Life Learning Center - Annex - Sorrento Ave., Panapaan
Christ Life Learning Center - Main - B5 L31 Purple St. Camella North, SPV I
Christian Values School - Km 18 Aguinaldo Highway, Poblacion
Citiville Christian Academy, Inc. - Daisy St., Citihomes, Molino 4
Crest View Academy of Cavite - 184 Queens view, Queens Row
Diamond Academy Inc. - Blk. 10 Lot 10 Diamond St., Queens Row Central
Divine Jesus Learning Center,Inc. - #1 Apacible St., B. P. S. Molino
Divine Light Academy - Alicante St. Town & Country West Subd., Molino 3
Don Stevens Institute (Springville Academy) - Sampaguita Drive, Springville Central Ph. 1
Emmaus Learning Center - 257 Duhat St., Panapaan
Erica Learning Center - 230 Agustin Ave., Panapaan V
Escuela La Madrid of Cavite - 9105 Tirona Hi-way, Dulong Bayan
Evergreen State Academy - #44 Francisco Compound, Niog - I
George Mueller Christian Academy - Blk. 3 Lot 51-53 Georgetown Hts., Molino IV
God's Grace Christian School - San Nicolas I
Graceland Academy, Inc. - 7981- Mary Homes Subd., Molino 4
Green Ridge School - Blk 20 Lot 1 Ph2 Soldiers Hills, Molino
Green Valley Academy - Green Valley Subd., Molino II
Gud Nad Academe, Inc. - Blk. 32 Lot 26 Lumbang St., Molino
Hannah Divina Casa de Escuela - 247 R. Magsaysay St., Daine 2
Harrel Horne Integrated School - 3 Basa St. Ph2-A, Molino 5
Holy Mount Academy - Molino III
Immaculada Concepcion Colleges - Phase 2 Soldier's Hills IV, Molino IV
Immanuel Grace Learning Center - 024 Coastal Green St., Panapaan I
Jesus Christ Is Lord Christian School Foundation, Inc. - 430, Molino 3
Joan of Ark Montessori Integrated School - Blk 4 Lot 1 Gucci St., Molino 3
Jofel Fate Children of God Academy - Blk. 2 Lot 9, Molino
John Christine Learning Center, Inc. - 02 San Agustin Dr., Sta. Lucia, Panapaan 6
Joseph Immanuel School - Blk 11 Lot 2 Dahlia St., Perpetual Vill.
Jubileum Academy of Bacoor - 181 Niog, Talaba VII
Kensington Academy English Immersion, Inc. - 108 Digman, Niog I
Knowledge & Values Learning School - Blk 5 Lot 4 Thursday St., San Nicolas 2
La Camelle School - Pisces St., Camella Homes II, Salinas III
Little Angels Learning Center, Inc. - 28 Narra St., Aniban I
Livingston Seagull Learning Center - 128 Evangelista St., Kaingen
Logic-Gestalt Integrated Learning Center, Inc. - Blk 4 Lot 8 Mars Lane, Astroville Subd., Molino 3
Lordsville Christian Learning Center - 72 Kamagong St., BF EL Grande
Love Christian Academy - Blk. 6 Lot 8 Areo S, Queensrow East
Marella Christianne Institute (Bacoor) - B-37 Mahogany St., Springville City, Molino
Maria Mae Academy - St. James St., Mary Homes
Marvelous Faith Academy - 125 FTM Wakas, Mambog
Mizpah Community Academy Foundation, Inc. - Blk. 7 Lot 3 Camia St., Molino II
Morning Glory School, Inc. - Lot 1& 2 Blk. 3 Ph1A Apitong St., Panapaan
Mother of Christ Montessori Integrated School - Blk. 19 Lot 6 Cherry Homes 2, Mambog
Mother Theresa School (Bacoor) - Beige St. Springville North, Camella Homes, Molino 3
Mt. Pisgah Learning Center, Inc. - Molino Rd., Molino IV
Norquins' Living Legacy Academy - Queens' Crown St., Queens Row Central
Our Lady of Guadalupe Montessori School - B-32 L-2 Ph 2A, Citihomes, Molino 4
Our Lady of Joy School - 285 Queen of Joy St., Queen Row Central
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Learning Center, Inc. - #7 2nd St. Kawloan Subd., Molino 2
Peak Hills School - Blk 9 Lot 19 Ph 4 Soldiers Hills IV, Molino
Peer Counselling Learning Center - Family Village Gov. P. F. Espiritu, Panapaan I
Phoenix International School of Science & Technology - Crisol Bldg., Crossing Silang Junction
PRD Amazing Kids Learning Center, Inc. - 154 E. Gomez St., Camposanto
Precious Gems of Camella School - No. 7 Jupiter St. Camella Homes, Salinas II
Queen of Haven School of Cavite, Inc. - Blk. 13 Lot 19, Queen's Row East
Queens Academy of Queensrow - Camia St., Queens Roow West
Queens Row Christian Academy, Inc. - Blk. 3 Lot 1 & 3 Queen's Park St., Queen's Row Central
Queens Row Gospel Church Christian School - Blk 19 Lot28, Queen's Row Central
Queens Row Integrated Science School Corp. - Blk 1 Lot 5 Area S., Queens Row East
Quest Academy, Inc. - #108, Salinas
Redeeming Grace Learning Center - Blk 8 Lot 1-4-6, Mary Homes Subd., Molino II
Rochepol Jane Academy - Annex - Habay 1
Rochepol Jane Academy - Main - Habay I
Saint Augustine de Cavite Integrated School, Inc. - Greentown Villas I, Mambog 3
Saint Francis Learning School - Gawaran Avenue, Springville Heights, Molino
Saint John De Pabtist Learning School - Bermuda Townhomes, Sineguelasan
Salinas Evangelical School - 258 2nd St., Salinas I
Seat of Wisdom Academy - #86 Laurel St., Aniban I
Seed of Wisdom Learning Center - Blk 6 Lot 1 Camella Homes, Mabolo III
Seven Seas Academy - Rosal St. Cherry Homes Subd., Mambog I
Shiloh Hills Christian College - Molino 3
St. Alphonsus Liguori Integrated School - St. Michael St. Addas Village 2, Molino
St. Francis Business High School - Area 'A', Quenns Row Subd.
St. Francis Institute and Learning School - Ph. 3 Soldier's Hills IV Subd., Molino
St. Francis Learning School - Ph. 3 Maryhomes Subd., Molino
St. Francis Learning School - Kaimito St., Camella Springville West, Molino
St. Francis of Assisi College - 96 B, Bayanan
St. Genevieve of France Acadmey, Inc. - Blk. 14 Lot 31 Flame St. BF El Grande Homes, Molino 6
St. Jerome Emiliani Institute - Bahayang Pag-asa Subd., Molino
St. John Fisher School (Bacoor) - Camella West
St. Judiel Academy - B-12 L-13 Ph IV, Soldiers Hills IV, Molino
St. Matthew Academy of Cavite - Niog I
St. Michael School of Cavite - Ph1 Citihomes, Molino IV
St. Michael's Institute - E.Evangelista, Tabing Dagat
St. Nazarene Learning Center - 86 G. Celestino St., Niog II
St. Niklaas Academy, Inc. -  ,
St. Peregrine Institute, Inc. - 144 Evangelista St., Banalo
St. Therese of Lisieux School - Annex - #16 Lilac St., Wood Estate Village II, Molino III
St. Therese of Lisieux School - Main - Blk 8 Lot 11 Charlie St., Orientville Subd., Molino I
St. Thomas More School - Annex - Mary Homes Subd., Molino IV
St. Thomas More School - Main - Avenida Rizal, Molino III
St. Vincent de Paul College - Bagtikay St., Meadowwod Exec. Vill.
Statefields School - National Road, Molino III
The Bearer of Light and Wisdom Academy - 409 Molino Rd., San Nicolas 3
The Bearer of Light and Wisdom Academy - 409 Molino Road, San Nicolas 3
The Higher Ground Academy - Blk 13 Foxglove, Mambog
The Palmridge School - Citta Italia Subd., Mambog 3
Theos Learning Center - 124 Citihomes, Molino 4
Theresian School of Cavite - Habay
University of Perpetual Help Rizal - Molino Campus - Molino 3
Victorious Christian Montessori College - Blk. 8 Lot 1 Silver Homes Classic, Perpetual Village 7, Mambog 1st
Villa Cecilia Academy of Bacoor, Inc. - Blk. 5 Casimiro St., Westville, Ligas 3
Young Shepherd's School - San Nicolas
Young St. St. Maria Goretti International School, Inc. - Blk. 2 Lot 10 Dior St. Molino Homes Subd. I, Molino 3

Philien Christian Academy -  , Marseilla St.,

Beatitudes Technological & Theological College Found. Inc. - Phase 4, Brgy. Milagrosa
Beatitudes Technological and Theological College Foudnation, Inc. - Phase 4, Brgy. Milagrosa
Carmona Christian School - 9221 Bernardo St., Maduya
Children of Mary Immaculate School - 068 Sarmiento St., Brgy. 1
Colegio de San Jose of Carmona, Cavite, Inc. - 654 Magallanes, Brgy. 6
Todolers Smart Learning Center - 11219 JM Lapha St., Mabuhay
Zion Academy of Carmona - 11106 J. M. Loyola St., Mabuhay

Brentwood Academy of Dasmarinas Inc. - Cong. Ave., Burol Main
Calvary Baptist Acadmey of Dasmarinas, Inc. - 39 Camerino Ave., Zone I
Cavite Brilliant Academy, Inc. - Banaybanay
Christ Life Academy Foundation Inc. - B-35 L-2 Bautista Prop., Sampaloc IV
Christ the King College of Cavite - Main - B-2 Ph 1, Dublin St., San Mariano West
Christ the King School of Cavite - Annex - Ph 4 , Mabuhay City, Paliparan 2
Czecet Christian School - 1841 Dasma Ave., Salawag
G. R. L. Christian Learning School - Mambog
Grace Horizon Grade School (Mabuhay KC) - Blk. 83 Lot 24 Ph 5 Mabuhay 2000, Bo. Salawag
Guiding Light Academy - Blk/13 Lot 30 Windsor Homes Subd., Burol III
International British Academy - Km 30, Aguinaldo Hi-way
Jaelna's School - Blk. 42 Lot 3-5 Tokyo Rd., Summerwind Vill. 4
Jesus Emmanuel School - Annex-1 -  ,
Jesus Emmanuel School - Main - Sta. Lucia
Jesus Son of Mary Academy - DBB-A
Jesus the Mighty Name Christian School - Blk 87Lot 9 & 11, Mabuhay Homes 2000, Paliparan II
Jhordan Learning Center - Blk 7Lot 3 Camia St., Molino 2
Kin Yang Academy - Goldenville II, Sabang
King Jerald School, Inc. - Blk. 7 Lot 7, San Dionisio
Lancaan Learning Center Inc. - Cityhomes Resort Ville, Brgy. Langkaan 2
Liceo De Dasmarinas (Burol Main) - P. Jesus Compound, Burol Main
Liceo De Dasmarinas (Paliparan, Inc) - Paliparan Site, Paliparan 3
Logos Christian Academy - Sabang
Lorna Marquardt Learning Center - Zone X, Bautista St., Sampaloc IV
Mary Mediatrix of All Grace School - PH. E St., Pius St., Windward Hills Subd.,
Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy - San Simon
Saint Jude College - URCAve., Salawag, Salitran IV
Saint Paul College - Island Park Subd., Paliparan I
Saint Paul of Tarsus Academy of Dasmarinas - Blk 5 Lot 19 Ph2 El Pueblo St., San Francisco
San Marino Academy, Inc. - Kuwait Cor. Jakarta, Salawag
Shineridge School of Dasmarinas, Inc. - Blk. 14 Lot 10 Durian St., San Agustin III
St. Angela Mericci Montessori - T. C. Campos Compound, Zone I-A
Whiz World Montessori School - Blk 140 Lot-1 Ph-4 Mabuhay City, Paliparan
Wizbee Internatioanl School, Inc. - Zone -A, Aguinaldo Highway

Academia Trinitas - Blk 1 Lot 12-20 Almaciga St., San Agustin 3
Angel of Peace Learning Center of Dasma, Inc. - Blk. 47 Lot 11 & 13, Salawag
Asian Trinity School - JMAR Bldg., D. Mangubat Ave., Burol Main
Baptist Heritage Academy - J. Abad Santos Ave., Salawag
Beatitudes Technological & Theologiccal College Foundation, Inc. - H & K Bldg., Paliparan II
Beulah Land Integrated Science School - Fairway View, Salawag
Blaze School of Science and Technology - Blk. 60 Lot 33 Ph4 Mabuhay City Subd.., Paliparan III
Blessed Mary Academy, Inc. - Aguinaldo Highway, Salitran II
Blessed School of Salitran - Blk. 106 Lot 22, Sta. Lucia, DBB
Brightways Academy-Guevarra Campus - 01 N. Guevarra St., Zone I
Brightways Avademy-Langkaan Campus - Langkaan I
Brimestone Academy Inc. - San Nicolas
Brooke's Point Academy - Mabuhay Homes 2000, Paliparan II
Casa Real Montessori Incorporated - Km. 29 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Salitran II
Castilla de San Jose Academy - Blk. 2 Laos St., SMC. Salawag
Children of Mary School of Cavite, Inc. - Blk 26 Lot 2 Ph1 Golden City, Salawag
Christar Academy, Inc. - Blk. 35 Lot 10 Ph2, CityHomes Resortville Subd.
Christian Vision School of Dasmariñas, Inc. - #39 Don P. Campos Ave., Poblacion
Christianhood Learning Center, Inc - R. S. Tirona Rd., San Agustin 2
Christsons Academy - Blk. 193 Lot 1 Ph 2 Mabuhay City, Paliparan
Colegio de la Estrella, Inc. - 53 Summerwind Drive, Burol Main
Colegio de Salitran - Salitran Congressional Rd., Salitran III
Corinthian Institute of Cavite - Blk. 4 Lot 11, Burol I
Cowry Abalone Institute of Cavite -  ,
Dansart Angels Academy - Lot 13-18 Rome St., SWN 4, Burol Main
Dasmariñas Academy, Inc. - Ph 1 Blk 24 City Homes, Langkaan II
Dasmariñas Christian Academy - Blk. 7 Lot 1 & 3, Kingsland Village, Pala-Pala
Deaf Christian School Foundation - Aguinaldo Highway, Bucal Samplaoc II
Del Rosario Christian Institute - Blk. 8 Lot 9 & 10 Bautista Subd., Sampaloc IV
Disciples Learning Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. - Sabang
Divine Saviour Smart ChildSchool, Inc. -  ,
Don Dominie School - Blk. 7 Lot 8 Guijo St., Salitran IV
Escuela De Leonora, Inc. - Paliparan Road, Paliparan 2
Family Life Learning Academy, Inc. - Blk. 16 Lot 1-3 Bahay Pangarap, Sampaloc V
Fides Salde School, Inc. - Blk. 23 Lot 21 Ruby St, Diamond Village, Salawag
Freshmind Montessori School - 114 Ph2 Mabuhay City, Paliparan 3
Fruit of Spirit Christian School, Inc. - Pionsetia St., Rogando, San Agustin 2
Gift of Wisdom Christian Institute, Inc. - Blk 96 Lot 25 Bautista St., Sampaloc IV
Glenridge School Corporation - Jose Abad Santo. Ave., Salitran IV
God the Almighty Academy - Blk. 2 Lot 22 & 23 Windward Hills, Burol
God's Little De Salitran Preschool, Inc. - Main - Blk 2 Lot 33 South Garden Homes, Salitran III
Golden Hills School of Dasmarinas - Golden City Dasma I, Brgy. Salawag
Good Shepherd Academy of Cavite Foundation - Blk. 18 Lot 34, Pag-asa Victoria
Good Shepherd Catholic School of Cavite, Inc. - Blk. 36 Lot 6 Phase 1, Paliparan Sire III
Grace Baptist Academy of Dasmarinas Inc. - Blk. 1 Lot 6, Brgy. Sta. Fe
Great Mercy Academy of Cavite Inc. - Crispulo Aguinaldo, Salitran 2
Holy Blessing Montessori - Salitran 3
Holy Child Jesus Montessori School - Mercedez St., Villa Luisa Homes IV, San Agustin 3
Holy Name of Jesus Grant Academy - Blk. 27 Lot 55 Golden City, Dasma 4
Holy Redeemer School of Dasmariñas, Cavite - Blk. 57 Lots 1-34 Ph 4, Mabuhay City, Paliparan III
Humayao Christian Academy - II Langkaan St., Brgy. Humayao
Immaculate Conception Academy - Poblacion
Immaculate Conception Academy Special Science School - Poblacion
Infant Jesus Colleges Cavite, Inc. (Main) - Blk. 13 Lot 1-28, SMC Salawag
Infant Jesus Montessori Center - Blk. 22-23 San Marino City, Salawag
Islamic Studies College & Guidance School - Congressional Road, Salitran I
Jabez Christian School - Km 36 Jabez Christian School, Gov. Drive, Sampaloc IV
Jesu Mari School - Blk. 2 and 22, Salawag
Jesus Christ King of Kings Lord of Lords Foundation School, Inc. - Marilag Subd., Aguinaldo Highway
Jesus the Heart of God Christian Academy - Annex - B-1,2 & 4 L-111, 115,49, Armstrong Village, Salawag
Jesus the Heart of God Christian Academy-Main - Blk. 59 Lot 13-19, Mabuhay Homes 2000, Paliparan II
Jogen Andrila Academy - Blk. 109 Lot 14 Ph III, Paliparan III
Joyful Grace Academy - Sabang
King Frans Christian Academy - Blk. 87 Lot 9 & 11 Mabuhay 2000 Homes, Paliparan 2
Kings & Queens Learning Center - Blk 4 Lot 13-31 Illinois, San Agustin II
La Escuela Del Inteligencia Montessori - Private Lot, Burol III
Legacy of Wisdom Academy of Dasmarinas, Inc. - Blk. 45 Lot 8-18 Ph3 Golden City Subd., Salawag
Liceo De Dasmarinas - 64 Bulalo, Fiesta Homes, San Jose
Living Word Academy -  ,
Mahonri Academy - Ph 3 Mabuhay Homes 2000, Paliparan II
Maria Ausiliatrice Montessori - Langka St. Greenfield Hts., Busal
Marvelous Light Christian Academy - Lesbian St., Summerwind IV, Burol Main
Mary Auxilium Academy - Berlin St. San Marino City, Salawag
Mary Help of Christians Montessori School - Margarita St., Pasong Tala
Marymel Academy, Inc. - Blk 77 Lot 485 P2, Paliparan
Mater Criste Academy, Inc. - Blk 10 Lot 58 Albatross, South Village
Metanoiah Academy - Mabuhay City, Paliparan 3
Midland School of Cavite, Inc. - 18-19 Ph 10 Golden City, Salawag
Milbraen Educational Foundation - New Jerssy St., Sampaloc III
Minaog Academy - Blk 13 Lot 65 St. Anthony Vill., Salitran 3
Mount Carmel School of Cavite - Blk. 2 Lot 13 Ph-5 Crackon St. San Marino City, Salawag
My Lamp Academy - Blk. 10 Lot 16 Arcontica Village, Salitran II
Our Lady of the Pillar Learning School - Blk. 14 Lot 13 Ph4, Salawag
Oxford Louise Academy of Dasma -  ,
Plainview Academy - Blk. 1 Lot 1,2,3 F2, Sampaloc IV
Praisers Learning Academy - Salitran 3
Prince Aris Christian School, Inc. - Blk. 3 Lot 3 Golden Ville II, Sabang
Ranea Learning School, Inc. - Blk 19 Lot 4 Viva Homes Estate, Salawag
RL Learning School - Blk 66 Lot 1, San Juan
Saint Anthony Montessori Integrated School - Blk 10 Lot 01 Ivory St., Diamon Vill., Salawag
Saint Francis of Assissi College System - Cuevas Cmpd., Paliparan II
Saint Jude Academy of Dasmariñas - Amuntay Rd., Zone 3
Salawag Christian School - Blk. 4 Lot 15, El Salvador St., Salawag
Salawag Merryhills School of Dasmariñas - Blk. 15 Lot 37 Phase 9, Salawag
Shalom Learning Center, Inc. - Private Lot, Fatima I
Solid Rock Learning School - Blk. 2 Lot 10, Don Gregorio Heights Subd. II
South Meadows Academy of Dasmarinas - Confederation Dr., Sampaloc IV
Southern Luzon College - Burol Main
Southfields School of Cavite, Inc. - Alapan 1-A
Southfort Academy, Inc. - Phase 2 Extension, Mabuhay City
St. Aloysius Academy of Dasmarinas - Blk. 21 & 22 Ph 2 Ext., Mabuhay City, Paliparan III
St. Beatriz Academy, Inc. - Lot 6 & 7 Blk 1 Ph 2 Narra St. Andreaville, Salitran IV
St. Mary's Academe Inc. - Annex - Confed Drive City Homes, Sampaloc IV
St. Mary's Academe Inc. - Main - Blk 13 Lot 14, Fatima 1-K
St. Nazarene Learning Center - Deterville Vill., Sabang
St. Nicholas de Myra School, Inc. - Gov. D. mangubat Ave., Burol Main
St. Peter Chanel School of Cavite - Piela
St. Therese of the Child Jesus School of Cavite - 13 & 14 Agana St. Block 40, Summerwind
Sta. Catalina Academy of Cavite, Inc. - Blk. 80 Bahay Pangarap Subd., Sampaloc IV
Temple Academy of Dasmariñas - Blk. 31 Lot 26, Brgy. San Miguel I, DBB
The First Uniting Christian School - Blk 52 Lot 2 Cityhomes Resort Ville 2, Lancaan II
The Uniting Christian Church Learning Center -  ,
Torch of Wisdom Montessori - Blk 5 Lot 4, San Simon
Vel Maris School, Inc. - Km. 30 E. Aguinaldo Highway, Zone I-A
Villa Luisa Learning Center - Blk. 15 Lot 8 Camia St., San Agustin III
Warner Christian Academy, Inc. - Blk. 6 Lot 7, San Dionisio
Wisdom Christian School, Inc - Blk. 10 Lot 8 Golden Ville I, Sabang

Isaac Librada Andico Memorial School Foundation -  , Gen. Trias

Holy Mother Cavite Institute - San Jose Street, Poblacion IV
Nazareth School of Gen. Aguinaldo - Brgy. I
Petal Preparatory School, Inc. - #429, Brgy. Paradahan, Castanas Cerca

Biyaya Polytechnic Academy - Block C-2 Lot 9 Industrial site Congressional Rd., Maderan
Charity Learning Institute of GMA, Cavite, Inc. - Blk. 22 Lot 4, Pulido
Christian Grace School of Cavite - Blk 4, San Gabriel
Hillside Academy - Blk. 1 Lot 1 Congressional Rd., Francisco de Castro
Upon This Rock Chriatian Academy - Ph4 Blk. 17 Lot 15-18, F. de Castro
Upon This Rock Christian Academy - Ph4 Blk 17Lot 15-18 Monteverde, F. de Castro

Academe of St. Jude Thaddeus - Blk. 23 Lot 40-42, F. de Castro
Evangelical Christian Academy - Blk. 1 Lot 6, Nicolasa Virata
Grace Baptist Christian School of GMA - Congressional Rd., Lumbreras
Holestic Academy of Integral Learning Inc. - 156 Congressional Road, Pantaleon Granados
Holy Family Academy - Congressional Road, Brgy. Poblacion 5
Jesus Christ is Lord Christian Learning Center, Inc. - Emerald St., Menije
Karunungan Village Academy - Teachers Village, San Gabriel
Monte Cristo Research & Educational Institute - Blk 22 Lot 28 Ph IV-C, F. De Castro
Our Lady of Grace Academy of GMA, Inc. - Blk 5 Lot 6 Ph III, Sunshine Homes, F. De Castro
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage LC - Blk 4 Lot 10 Ph3, sunshine Homes, F. de Castro
Saint Jona Grace School - Blk. 5 Lot 6 PhII Sunshine Homes, F. De Castro
Shalom Academeia of Cavite, Inc. - NMA Compound, San Gabriel
Shekinah Learning School of San Jose GMA, Cavite - Blk. 11 Lot 30, San Jose
Vessel of Wisdom Christian School - 258 Mt. Mayon St., Brgy. J. P. Elises
Victorious Christian Montessori School Foundation, Inc. - 323 Cong. Rd., San Gabriel
Vision Christian Academy GMA Cavite - 106 Congressional Rd., Menije
VOX Dei Academy of GMA, Inc. - A. L. Ignacio St., Poblacion

Angelicum Immanuel Montessori of Cavite - Blk. 26 Lot 34 Ph1 Tieranevada, San Francisco
Berenice School of Foundation, Inc. - Blk. 1 Lots 1-3 Tahanang Yaman Homes, Buenavista II
Bethel Academy of Gen. Trias Inc. - Santa Clara
Blessed Maria Cristian Brando School - Arnaldo Highway, Santiago
Church of Fire Academy - San Francisco
Claremont School of Gen. Trias Cavite - Blk 10 Grandriverside Subd., Pascam
Corinthian Academy of Cavite in Gen. Trias - 14 Gov. Ferrer Ave. Cor. D. Mojica St., Poblacion
Dors Christian School - Blk 7 Lot 49 Sec. 6 Sunny Brooke II, San Francisco
Evangel Christian Educational Center - 282 Amadeo Road, Buenavista III
Fiat Lux Academe of Gen. Trias - Pascam I
Fountain of Wisdom Acadmey of Gen. Trias - Sunny Brooke II, San Francisco
Freshmind Montessori - Pasong Kawayan I
Fruit of Knowledge Academe, Inc. - 29 Capili Compound, Pasong Camachille
Haven of Wisdom Academy, Inc. - PIII B75 Mary Cus Complex, Pasong Camachili
Hope Bible Baptist Academy,Inc. - Sec. 5 Blk 8 Lot 18, San Francisco
Infant Jesus Montessori Center - Ph7 Blk 3, Tierra Nevada
John Isabel Learning Center, Inc. -  ,
La Salette Montessori Multiple Intelligence LC, Inc. - Blk 5 Lot 19 Ph2 El Pueblo St., San Francisco
Living Faith School of Cavite - Ph4 Blk. 132 Lot 9-11 Mary Cris Complex, Pascam II
Loi's Faith Christian Academy - Arnaldo St., Manggahan
Manalo Academy, Inc. - S 10 B2 L3 Sunny Brooke I, San Francisco
Miriam Carmel School - Sitio Hinyero, San Francisco
Mother Theresa School - Sunny Brocke 1, San Francisco
New Buenavista Academy, Inc. - Manggahan
Nineveh Academy - Blk. 30 Lot 4-7, Brookside Lane, San Francisco
Our Lady of Remedios Montessori School - Blk 9 Lot 11 Sunshine Country, Buenavista II
Pauline Christian School - Blk 15 Lot 37, 38,39 Ph 1, Mary Cris Complex, Pasong Camachile
Peter Paul Academy, Inc. - Ph IV Blk 12 Lot 32 Parklane, San Francisco
Saint Alleysius Gonzaga Integ. School (for. SBI Kiddie School) - Sunny Brooke I Subd., San Francisco
Saint Francis School - San Juan
San Francisco de Malabon Parochial School - Sampalocan
Saving Grace Christian School in Gen. Trias - San Francisco
Star Blossoms Academy, Inc. - Ph2 B49 Lots 191-193, Parklane Country Homes
Sure Foundation School - S10 B12 L23-26 Sunny Brooke 1, San Francisco
The First Uniting Christian School - Blk 41 Lot 13 Ph1, Mary Cris Complex
The True Vine Dynamic School - 2464 Elang, San Francisco
Villaggio Ignatius International School - Blk 44 Lot 2-21 Villa Torino, Villaggio, Ignatius Buenavista I
Young JI International School - Sibil 2 Abcd Sunny Brooke, San Francisco
Young Minds Learning Center - S11 Blk 9 Lot 1 & 2 Sunny Brooke I, Brgy. San Francisco

4th W Maranatha Christian Academy, Inc. - Patio Tirona, Malagasang II-D
Abbey de Saint Augustine School, Inc. - Malagasang I-C
Academia de Covina, Inc. - Garita A, Governor's Drive
ACM Sherwood Kiddie School, Inc. - Blk 12 Lot 1 ACM Homes, Anabu 2B
Alano Academe - Blk 5 Lot 38 ACM, Ph 9, Alapan I-A
Angelorum School - Com. Marquez Ave., Anabu 2
Angels of De Vera Learning Center - Anabu
Angelsville Early Learning - Blk. 5 Lot 52 ACM Ave., Alapan I-A
Ann Marris Montessori School - Main - #2 Mercury St., Golden City Subd.
Arc of Todlers Learning Center - Blk 2 Lot 2 Dimasalang St., Brgy. Maharlika
Bakersfield Learning Center - Blk.1 Lot 4 Sunnydale Villas, Malagasang I-B
Beatitude Technological & Theological College Found. Inc. - 157, Anabu II-B
Benedictine Institute of Learning - Abad Homes Subd., Medrino I-B
Brehms School Inc. - Blk 12 Lot 51-53 ACM Ph6, Carsadang Bago
Breton School - 285 R-A Subd., Palico II
Cachapero Learning School, Inc. - Blk 7 Lot 13 Mahogany St. Narra Homes, Carsadang Bago II
Casa Real Montessori: Incorporated - Parkplace Village, Anabu I-D
Cavite Christian Faith Academy - Blk 26 Lot 1 & 2 Monterra Homes, Bucandala 5
Cavite Santo Niño School - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Blk. 13, Mary Cris Homes, Bucandala
Centennial Heritage College - #7, Alapan I-A
Charis Christian Community School (Imus) Inc. - 24 Delgado St., BPS Pinagbuklod
Christian Jo Ann School - Malagasang II-F
CLV Development Schoool of Learning, Inc. - Blk. 12 Lot 10 Ph 3 Mary Cris Homes, Bucandala
D' Cup of Wisdom Christian School - Blk. 5 Lot 10, Atis St., Malagasang II
Damascus Educational Center of Scholars - Blk. 1 Lot 3-4, Cattleya, Pag-asa II
De La Carese Montessori - Annex - 520-C Abueg St., Sapa-I
De La Carese Montessori-Main - Phase I , Tokyo St., Golden City
Dei Christum Academe - Lot 33-34 Blk. 9 Ph1, Golden City, Anabu
Del Pilar Academy, Inc. - Topacio St., Gen. E.
Divine Heart of Mary Montessori School - 6965 Old NIA Rd., Pasong Buaya II
Divine Lamp School of Cavite - Blk. 13 Lot 40-42 Armsterdam St., Golden City
Dr. Espero Educational Found. College, Inc. - Old NIA Rd., Pasong Buaya 2
Early Symphonic People's Learning Institution - 104 Gen E. Topacio St., Pob. 1
Elizabeth Seton School - South - Anabu, Brgy II - D
Fiat Lux Academe, Inc. - Blk. 55 Ph4 Golden City Subd., Anabu II-F
Foztinan Achievers School - Blk 30 Lot 8 Regal Homes, Alapan I
Gloria Maris School - 11-36 Southern City Subd., Tanzang Luma IV
Golden Rule School - Blk. 12 Lot 30 Alfonso Vill., Alapan
Green Pasture School - Ph 9 B-29 L-5 ACM Homes, Alapan
Groeien Learning Center, Inc. - Blk. 14 Lot 20 Ph1 ACM Woodstock, Alapan I-A
Hansel and Gretel School of Cavite - 37 Sampaguita St., Tanzang Luma VI
Haven of Wisdom Academy - Alapan I-B
Heart Start Academy - #616 Villa Nicasia 3, Tanzang Luma 3
Holy Spirit School of Imus - Blk 2 Good Family Homes, Anabu I
Hope United Methodist Church Learning School, Inc. - Buhay na Bato
Imus Institute - #82 Nueno Avenue, Poblacion
Imus Saint Rose Learning School, Inc. - 480 Rose St., Real Subd., Palico
Imus School of Prime Studies, Inc. - Balimbing Drive, Medicion IB
Imus Unida Christian School - Sol P. Bella St., Poblacion II-A
International British Academy - KM. 25 Aguinaldo Highway, Anabu II-D
International Christian Faith Academy - Blk 15 Lot 20 Ph-1, Barcelona Camella Homes
Jedidiah Christian Academy, Inc. -  ,
Jesus Good Shepherd School - Palico
John Marie Vincent Maria Montessori School - Biga
Joseph Immannuel Christian School - Blk 1 Lot 1 Daisy St. Phase 6, ACM
La Asuncion Montessori of Cavite - Plaridel 3 Subd., Bayan Luma 7
La Camille Knowledge Center Inc. - Blk. 7 Lot 1 Lallana St. Ph 8 - C, Brgy. Maharlika
La Trinidad Academy of Cavite - Treelane 3, Bayan Luma
La Verdad Colegio Internacional, Inc. - 2/F Lemans Bldg. Km. 21, Aguinaldo Highway
La Verne Academy, Inc. - 20-23 Washington St. , Golden City, Anabu A-F
Light House Science High School - Villanueva Ave., Medicia II
Little Haven Christian School - 26 Margelo St., Bayan Luma 5
Little Kids of Isaac - 294 Pedro Reyes, Malagasang 1st
Marie Franz Learning School, Inc. - Blk 2 Lot 20 Meadowville Sibd., BPS
Our Lady of Lore School, Inc. - Blk. 10 Lot 19 Ph7 ACM, Alapan I-A
Our Lady of the Pillar Catholic School - F. Tirona, Poblacion II-A
Pag-asa Bible Baptist Academy - Espeleta St., Phase 3-A BPS
Parkdale Christian School - Blk 7 Lot 13 Parkdale Classic I, Anabu I-A
Parolang Munti Christian School - Villanueva St., Midicion I
Progen Learning School, Inc. - 557, Bayan Luma
Queen of Angels Learning Center, Inc. - Buhay na Tubig, Tanzang Luma
S.V. Montessori - Blk. 19 Lot 13 Avenida St., Magdalo
Saint Benedict Academy of Cavite - 15 Lukban St., Bagong Silang
Saint Francis Institute and Learning School - Woodsite I, Bahayang Pag-asa
Saint Jane Frances School - 51 Justinville 2, Palico
Saint John Fisher School - Buhay na /tubig
Seraiah Academy, Inc. - 668 Betterlife Subd., Tanzang Luma 3
Shammah Christian School - Blk 1 Lot 25 Landtrust Subd., Anabu II-E
Sonrise Christian School - L5/L6 B4 Sunnydale Villas, Malacasan 1-B
Southern Phil. Inst. of Science & Tech. - Tia Maria Bldg. Aguinaldo Highway, Anabu II-A
St. Emilene Academe - 167 Gen. Satorre St., Poblacion
St. Hilary School - Medicion I-B
St. Martha Kiddie Training Center - Prima Homes, Bo. Bucandaya III
St. Martin De Tours School - B11 L9 Ilang-Ilang St. Gardenville Subd., Pag-asa II
St. Odilard School - Pag-asa Subd., Bucandala
St. Simon of Cyrene Academy, Inc. - 039 Reyes Cpd. NIA Rd., Carsadang Bago II
St.John Bosco School - Blk 22 Cor.Bonggovilla & Yello Bell St., Villa de Primera Subd., Buhay na Tubig
Tierra Santa Montessori School - 292, Anabu I-C
Triumphant Christian School - 565 Gen. Bautista St., Poblacion II
UCCP Anabu Learning Center - E. Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Anabu I-F
UnidaChristian Colleges - 820, Anavu I-F
Victorious Christian Montessori-Imus Inc. - Blk 11 Lot 36 Tacloban St. Southern City, Tanzang Luma
Vox Die Play & Learn Center,Inc. - Blk. 22 Lot 11 Ph2 ACM Homes, Alapan
White Heather Montessori School - 137 Peter, Vina Village
Whizkids School of Cavite - Blk. 6 Lot 26 Athens St., Golden City, Anabu II-F

Academia De San Vicente Ferrer - CAvite Inc. - Lumampong Halayhay
Cavite State University Child Development Center - Bancod
Daine Western Cavite Institute - 21 R. Magsaysay St., Daine
Faith Builder Education Center, Inc. - 247 R. Magsaysay St., Daine II
Indang Christian Academy - Alulod
Liceo dela Concepcion of Indang - Pulo
Lycee De San Jose Montessori - #156 Congressional Rd., P. Granades
Nazarene Christian School of Indang - Cocoville Subd., Calumpang Cerca
Perpetual Cavite Institute - San Gregorio
Saint Gregory Academy - San Gregorio, Poblacion I
Spirit Wings Learning Foundation - Calupang Lejos

Arigo Villegas Academy, Inc - Blessed Light School - Topaz St., Panamitan
Beloved Angels School - 138 Tirong St., Wakas
Integrated School of Science - 135 Magdalo St., Patal
Lakersfield Learning Academy - Lot 1 Blk 19 Lakersfield Subd., Toclong
Living Stream Christian School of Cavite - JTLSCF Compound, Tabon
Maria Corinne College - Covelandia, Binakayan
Mary Montessori School of Cavite - Villa Canacao, Sta. Isabel
Mil Den Academy, Inc. - Carenville Subd., Magdalo, Putol
Our Lady of Fatima Academy of Binakayan - 3875 marquez St., Binakayan
Saint Mary Magdalene School - Gen. Tirona, Poblacion
Veronidia Learning Institute - 1573 Samala St., Binakayan

De Guia Academy of Magallanes, Inc. - De Guia, Brgy. III
Kurios Christian School Foundation, Inc. - Bendita I
Magallanes Adventist Elementary School, Inc. - Salcedo St., Brgy. 2
Magallanes Kiddie Learning Sch. & Gazellian Coll.Foud.Inc. - 090 De Guia St., Poblacion IV
Magallanes Western Cavite Institute, Inc. - 01 De Guia, Brgy. III
UCCP-Gulod Shalom Learning Center - San Agustin Dr. Ma. Asuncion, Panapaan VI

Living Word Christian School - Somoza St., Poblacion
Maragondon Casa Nueva Montessori - 014 Garita - A, Governor's Drive
Maragondon Parochial School - Poblacion I-A

Anuling Christian Academy - M. Dimalpilis, Anuling Cerca I
Frobel School of Asis - #112 Llamado St., Asis
Mendez Christian Academy, Inc. - Asis III
Mendez-Nuñez Montessori - Alfonso Rd., Brgy. 8-2
Saint Augustine School - 146 J.P. Rizal St., Poblacion
School of St. Genevieve Mendez, Cavite Inc. -  ,
Tagaytay-Mendez Academy - J. P. Rizal St., Galicia II

Abeniano Delos Santos Academy, Inc. - Ibayo Silangan
Alpha Child Academy - B-4 L-10 Retirees Vill - III, Timalan, Concepcion
Bancaan Christian Learning Center, Inc. - Seaman St., Bancaan
Cavite Community Academy - 04 Capt. Nazareno St., Poblacion
Colegio De Naic, Inc. - 109 Public Market Rd., Ibayo, Silangan
George Mueller Christian Academy-Naic -  ,
Immaculate Conception School - Latoria
King's Way Christian Academe, Inc. - 57 Gov. Drive, San Roque
Living Word Christian School - 121 Diosomito Subd., Ibayo Silangan
Mansfield Technological College, Inc. - Greentown Villas I
Naic Star Learning Center - Blk. 6 Lot 2, Villa Apotonia Subd.
Philien Baptist Academy - Blk. 9 Lot 6-8, Villa Apolonia
Sacred Heart Montessori School - Blk. 16 Lot 21, Timalan Concepcion
The Valley Cathedral Academy - HL 063 , Puzon Compound, Labac
Western Colleges - #033 Capt. Ciriaco Nazareno St., Latoria

Abraham Flock Christian Academy - 837 Gen. A. Luna, Sta. Rosa I
Atheneum School - Sa Rafael III
Gospel Light Christian Academy - 955 Salcedo II, Poblacion
Heart of Peace for Early Intervention and Child Development Inc. - #19 A, Magdiwang
Hermano Miguel Integrated School - Coastal Bay City
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Academy - 376 Salcedo St., Salcedo I
Patnubay Academy - 037, San Juan

Bible Christian Academy of Cavite, Inc. - Blk 1 Lot 17 Rubia St. Cuevas Subd., Tehero
Cafuir Learning Center - Mansella St., Bagbag
Cognoscere ACademy - Blk 21-22 Ph 2 Ext. Mabuhay City, Paliparan 3
Galilee Academy Inc. - 520 C Abueg St., Sapa I
Rosario Institute - C. Abueg, Poblacion
STI College-Rosario High School Department - STI Bldg., Gen Trias Drive, Tejero

Academia De Doxa Inc. - 92 A, Pooc 2
Adventist University of the Philippines - Sta. Rosa Rd., Puting Kahoy
Beatitudes Technological & Theological College Foundation, Inc. - 131 Molave St., San Miguel II
Biga Achievers' Learning Institute, Inc. - PMI, Biga
Cavite Institute - EKB Heights, Brgy. Iba
Child of Zion Academy, Inc. - Zone 11, Brgy. Bulihan
Cornerstone Christian Academy -  ,
Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation School - Hoyo
Dorothy James Learning Center - Purok III, Biga I
Father Michael Donoher Memorial School - J. P. Rizal St., Brgy. I
Franceville Academy - #8 Denmark Drive, Franceville Homes, Bulihan
Glia Melei School, Inc. - Ibayong Ilat, Brgy. Kaong
Gloryland Christian Learning Center - Blk 192 Lot 7 Zone 6, Bulihan
Heart of Jesus and Mary Learning Center - Franceville Homes, Bulihan
Hephzibah International School - Tartaria
Hilltop Adventist Elementary School - Tartaria
I. C. Jesus Light ofthe Word Learning Center -  ,
Imperial Learning Center, Inc. - Blk 15 Lot 16-22, Tartaria
Infant Jesus Academy of Silang, Inc. - J. P. Rizal, Brgy. First
Institute of the Sisters of thew Sacred Heart of Jesus of Ragusa, Inc. - Aguinaldo Hi-way, Lalaan
Jacob's Well Kiddie Learning Center, Inc. - Malabag
Jollie Kiddie Montessori Learning Center - Aguinaldo Highway, Biga
La Belle Montessori School - Annex - Lalaan II
La Belle Montessori School - Main - Lalaan I
Little Heirs Academy - Blk. 72 Lot 11, Ipil II
Little Shoes Study Center of Cavite Inc. - Montoya St., San Miguel I
Living Lamp Academy - J. P. Rizal St., Sabutan
Lora Carning School of all Nation,Inc. - R. M. Asuncion St., Tubuan II
Lora Carning School of all Nation,Inc. (Tubuan II) - R. M. Asuncion St., Tubuan II
Madre Giuditta Martelli School - Lalaan II
Michael Andrews School - Blk 1 Lot 1 & 3 Imperial Homes, Tartaria
Mission & Vision Reformed Christian Academy - Purok II, Biga I
N.K. Learning Center,Inc. - Lot 31 Blk. 22 Buklod Bahayan, Tartaria
New Life Christian School of Cavite - 314, Maguyam
Our Lady of Peace Academy of Cavite - Blk 16 Lot 2 Zone 4, AFP Housing, Bulihan
Paraclete Foundation School, Inc. - 89, AFP Housing
Risen Christ Catholic School - Blk. 31 Lot 12, Acacia
Rogationist College-HS Department - Km. 52 E. Aguinaldo Hi-way, Lalaan 2nd
Sacred Heart Villa School "Maria Schinina" - 181 Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan I
Saint Gaetano Catanoso School, Inc. - Ilayang Pulo, Brgy. Iba
Saint Scholastica's College Westgrove - Ayala West grove Heights, Brgy. Inchickan
Silang Pre-school House - H. Ame St., San Vicente I
Sisters of Mary of Banneux, Inc. - Biga II
The Sisters of Mary School - Adlas
The Uniting Christian Church School - Blk 23 Lot 3 Acco Homes, Bulihan
Trustworthy Learning Center - Blk 1 Lot 8, Narra II
Vale Institute of Business Education Foundation, Inc. - Blk. 200 Lot 2, AFP-MHP, Zone 8
Westridge Academy - Buklod Bahayan, Tartaria

Bethany Christian Academy of Tagaytay - Km. 54 Bethany, Maitim II-East
Blessings in the Word Fellowship School, Inc. - 155 J. P. Rizal Ave., Kaybagal South
Brudrick Marion School, Inc. - 328 Aguinaldo Hi-way, Maitim II East
Christian Life Learning Center - 245 LE Ipil St., Maharlika West
Garden of Praise Christian Academy - B5 Lot 1 Micah St., Infront of Jesus Subd., Molino
Karlnaomi Christian Academy, Inc. - Francisco
La Asuncion Montessori of Cavite - Patutong Malaki
Mater Dei Academy - J. P. Rizal St., Kaybagay
Pater Noster Montessori School Inc. - 114 Lourdes St., Maitim 2nd Central
Saint Francis of Assisi Academy - San Luis Village, Silang West
Shim International School - Dominican Rd., Tolentino West
Sister Maria Carmela Brescia School - Calamba, San Jose
Tagaytay Christian Academy - Crisol Bldg., Crossing Silang Junction
Tagaytay City Institute - Maitim II East
Zion Crest Christian Academy - 2335 ME Calamba Rd., San Jose

Bea-Therese School - Blk 13 Lot 37-40 Ph1, Paradahan I
Chanceteam Christian Academy, Inc. - Blk. 50 Lots 6-20 Ph8 Carissa Homes, Punta 1
Dawn Kiddie School Inc. - Blk. 9 Lot 1 & 2 Ph 5, Carissa Homes
De Roman Montessori School - 119 Kosal St., Daan 6, Amaya F
Dei Gratia School - Ph 1 Carissa Homes, Bagtas
Del Carmen School - Blk 1 Lot 3, Belvedera-Paradahan
Deo Roma College of Tanza - Km. 36 A. Soriano Highway, Amaya 2
G. Fabillar Learning Center - Blk 109 Lot 39 Ph 7, CHS, Punta I
Golden Heart Pre-school - 129 Retirees Vill I, Mulawin
Good Tree International School - #1, Bagtas
Green Ridge School - Blk 11 Lot56, Bagtas
Hillcrest Periwinkle Montessori School - Blk 2 Lot 54 Rizal Ave., Landmass Subd.
Holy Trinity School of Tanza - Gulugan, Brgy. V
Inigo de Loyola Academy - Ash Drive Arveemar Homes, Julugan
Lebelle Learning Center - St. Anthony St., Belvedera T. Paradahan
Lycee de San Antonio of Tanza Cavite - Landmass Park, Biga
Maddalena Starace School - Calibuyo
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School - Deborahville Subd., Amaya I
Pedro M. Gimenez Academe, Inc. - Bagtas
Saint Augustine School - Sta. Cruz St., Poblacion
Saint Mary of the Woods Academy Cavite, Inc. - Ph1 Blk. 14 Lot 41-47 Carissa Homes, Bagtas
St. Thomas More Academy of Tanza, Inc. - 001, Soriano Highway
Tanza Child Development Center - 102 Arca St., Biwas
The International School for Children - A. Soriano Hi-way, Mulawin

Academe De Regina - Brgy. Inocencio
Aubrey's Educational Center - Gregorio
Gateway International School of Science & Technology - Osorio
Green Ridge School - Blk 12Lot 83, Westplain Subd.
Hannanel Christian School - LaPaz Homes II, Brgy. Cabesa
New Generation International School - Brgy. Ocampo

Academy of Saint John Nepomucene - Maligaya, Luciano
Adelina Child Learning School, Inc. - Ciudad Adelina Subd., Conchu
Amore Academy, Inc. - Luciano
Beatitudes Technological & Theological College Foundation, Inc. - Summerfield Subd., Brgy. Osorio
Blessed Family Academy - Inocencio
Braintrust Learning Center, Inc. - Blk 20 Lot 18-26, Sampaguita Village, Inocencio
Christian Child Development Learning Center - #180, Cabuco
Colegio de Santa Rosa - Conchu
Dei Gracia Academy - Blk 13 La Trinidad Subd., Cabuco
Divine Academy of Cavite - San Agustin
ELIM Christian Academy - Purok 6, De Ocampo
God Is Good Learning Center - Blk 68 Lot 13-19 Sampaguita Village, Inocencio
Krislizz Int'L Academy - Marcial Ave., Capitol Hills, Lapidario
Lurieleigh Academy - Indang Road, Inocencio
Lyceum of Cavite -East, Inc. - Blk. 12 Lot 2-4 Regina Ville 2000, Inocencio
Marella Christianne Institute - Flamingo St., Lapidario
Notre Dame of Trece Martires - Don Bosco, Executive Village
Paul Henry Academy - Regina Ville Classic, De Ocampo
Saint Jude Parish School - San Agustin
Santa Lucia School of Light - Blk. 15 Lot 14 Malvar St., Ciudad Adelina, Brgy. Conch
Santo Niño De Praga Academy of La Paz Homes II - Blk. 48 Lot 39-40, La Paz Homes II
Sherlyn Learning Center - Luciano
Sunmoon Academy - Blk 26-A Westplain Subd., De Ocampo
Toddlers Activity Center, Inc. - Brgy. Luciano
West Plains Academy - Blk. 17 Ph1 WPS, San Agustin

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